Gábor joined Tailo a few months ago. He is lightning-fast solving rubiks cubes but he is even faster writing great code. No bug is safe when Gábor is around:

What can we wake you up for at night?

Whenever I leave a serious bug in the code that needs to be fixed immediately.

What is your worst customer experience ever?

When I bought my phone at a cheap store, and tried to ask them to fix a common issue with my model, usually covered under warranty. They took the phone and said they will call me in a few weeks when it’s fixed. After a month I called them, and it turned out they wouldn’t even try to repair it, and instead started shouting at me that it was my own fault.

What is your best customer experience ever?

When I decided to buy my laptop at a well known electronics store with insurance. About two years later I spilled my drink on it, making it unrepairable, so I got a brand new laptop instead!

What do you hope to achieve in the coming period at Tailo? 

As my first job, I’m looking for gaining new, practical skills that are normally not taught in university. And I also enjoy helping to create a tool so useful.

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