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Tailo’s conversational intelligence Platform easily transforms all incoming customer conversations into actions & insights. 

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From Conversation to Action

Know your Customer, Improve Marketing, Speed-up Customer Service

Know your customer 

Real-time visual insights in customer sentiment, customer needs and underlying customer questions.
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Increase retention & cross-sell

Get real-time triggers on price sensitivity, customer sentiment and churn risks.
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Improve customer support

Quality management on all conversations. Coaches get instant notifications when action is required.
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Search on Steroids 

Our SuperSearch Engine lets you easily query all customer conversations. Query all conversations on topics, sentiment and priorities. Resulting in improved Quality Management and objective NPS tracking.


Natural Language Understanding

Automatic tagging on priority, sentiment & topic

our A.I. engine automatically labels every customer conversation on sentiment, priority, customer intent & topics.



Data Enrichment

Enrich your customer view with new conversational insights 

our AI engine enables real-time data enrichment of your CRM, DMP or other data platforms, with important insights from customer conversations.

A.I. Manager

Easily develop your own classification models 

With our AI platform you get dozens of high-performing models. It is also possible to develop your own model within our platform. No coding skills required.


Real-time insights from all conversations

We provide you with the best visualisations. Giving you real-time insight in all trends, sentiment, intents, and topics from customer conversations.

Perfect for sales, marketing & customer support

Actionable insights from thousands till millions of customer conversations

Marketeers & Analists

  • ✅ Improve forecasting models
  • ✅ Automatic data enrichment
  • ✅ Input for marketing triggers
  • ✅ Get a 360° customer view
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Customer Support

  • ✅ Automate customer support
  • ✅ Smart replies for agents
  • ✅ Improve quality management
  • ✅ Lower average handling time
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Developers & IT

  • ✅ Quick integration with IT systems
  • ✅ No pressure on internal resources 
  • ✅ 24/7 dedicated support
  • ✅ State-of-the-art software
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Easily integrate with your current CRM & service tools

Tailo can be easily itnegrated with most major CRM, voice, chat and e-mailing tools. Is your software not on the list? Don’t worry, we’ve got a team of data experts ready to build an integration.

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