Meet Tailo: The Conversational Intelligence Platform

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We’re super siked about the official launch of Tailo and welcome you all to our official Medium blog!

In this blog, we’d like to give you a look behind the scenes and share with you all the cool machine learning features that we’re building, the challenges of building a robust software SAAS platform, our team and the learnings of running a start-up.

Some of the stuff that we’ll be talking about in particular:

  • Machine learning models in the NLP space

& much more…

The Tailo team

You’re probably experienced it a gazillion times — you pick up the phone to dial the customer service of your (up to then) favourite internet service provider. After being tossed around three times between agents you vent your thoughts and frustrations for the fourth time only to receive a ‘happy to have you as a customer’ email campaign the next day. Frustrating, time consuming and unnecessary if you ask us.

As a team of three data scientists with a background in consultancy, we took this frustration and turned it into an opportunity. It is time to end bad customer service and help organizations fully capitalize on the vast amounts of customer experience data that resides in their (often) dusty, old databases.

We’re combining proven technologies with cutting-edge NLP research (think: ULMfit, ELMo, stacked embeddings and more sexiness) to build a platform that automatically extracts insights and actions from incoming conversations.

Want to join us?

If you’re passionate about ML, NLP and/or software engineering we’d love to hear from you. We’re based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Get in touch with us.



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